2021 Virtual Colloquium videos

June 21-25, 2021

Welcome! This site has videos from the Virtual Colloquium offered by the Church Music Association of America in June 2021.

As church life starts to return to normal this summer, CMAA has been presenting talks and workshops to provide ideas and inspirations for parish musicians.

Follow each day’s link to find the videos for the day. Registered participants should have received an access password by e-mail.

Monday, June 21
  • Spiritual reflection by Fr. Robert Pasley
  • Welcome and plenary address by Prof. William Mahrt
  • “Vocal pedagogy” by Dr. Cecilia MeeAe Nam
  • Night Prayer sung by Viri Galilaei, directed by David Hughes
  • Annual CMAA Member Meeting
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Tuesday, June 22
  • Spiritual reflection by CMAA’s chaplain, Fr. Robert Pasley
  • A talk by the Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco, on liturgical music and evangelization
  • “Chant modes” by Nicholas Lemme
  • “Preparation of music editions” by David Hughes
  • “Vocal training of the young child” by Lucas Tappan
  • “The psalm foundation of the propers” by William Mahrt
  • Night Prayer sung by the Schola Cantorum of the London Oratory School, directed by Charles Cole
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Wednesday, June 23
  • (in Spanish) “The Proper of the Mass” by Mario Esmildo
  • (in Spanish) “Sacrosanctum Concilium” by José Ballon
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Thursday, June 24
  • Spiritual reflection by CMAA’s chaplain, Fr. Robert Pasley
  • A plenary address by Fr. Joseph Koterski, S.J., professor of philosophy
  • “Mastering Mocquereau’s method” by Dr. Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka
  • “Child oblates and young singers in the medieval liturgy” by Susan Boynton
  • “Singing the Scripture: cantillation of the Latin Epistle and Gospel in the medieval Mass” by Joseph Dyer
  • “Building up the choral sound” by Dr. Horst Buchholz
  • Night Prayer
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Friday, June 25
  • Annual Requiem Mass for departed members of the Association
  • Spiritual reflection by CMAA’s chaplain, Fr. Robert Pasley
  • “Young choristers” by Mary Ann Carr Wilson
  • “Polyphonic Mass ordinaries for the parish choir” by Dr. Timothy McDonnell
  • “Parish organ techniques” by Bruce Ludwick
  • “Advanced organ techniques” by Christopher Berry
  • “Beginning semiology” by Dr. Edward Schaefer
  • “Hymnody: a survey for the Catholic church musician” by Dr. Susan Treacy
  • Night Prayer
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